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Currently an apprentice software engineer at Capgemini, I am pursuing my Master's in Software Science at the Faculty of Sciences of Toulouse.

If you'd like to know more about my background, please check out my LinkedIn or contact me via email.



CovidFrance was my inaugural project, designed as a Twitter bot that disseminated COVID-19 statistics throughout 2020 and 2021.
Crafted with Python, it harnessed data provided by France's Public Health agency.

This endeavor not only introduced me to Python development but also helped me gain proficiency with APIs and the open-source realm.
Amplified by Mediavenir, it garnered the attention of over 30,000 individuals.

  • CovidFrance
  • CovidFrance



A web application crafted with PHP and the TailwindCSS framework.
It streamlines the management of patient appointments for a medical clinic.

  • MedicGestion
  • MedicGestion
  • MedicGestion



A game inspired by the renowned "Motus", where a word is randomly chosen every day and the player's challenge is to guess it in the fewest attempts and as quickly as possible.
Developed using JavaScript, it draws upon a French word dictionary.

This project introduced me to JavaScript development and provided a chance to familiarize myself with Netlify.

  • Wordly

Spelling Corrector


This program can suggest one or multiple corrections based on the Levenshtein distance.

Crafted in Java, it employs a word correction algorithm rooted in the count of digrams.
It's user-friendly and comprises a concise codebase.


May 2023 - Present

EssenCiel is a dedicated mobile app designed to guide drivers in locating gas stations effortlessly. It provides real-time information about fuel prices, availability, and station amenities, making it the ideal companion for drivers seeking the best fueling options nearby.

Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play Store.

  • EssenCiel